Introduction to Raw Food workshop 

“Aradhana was a passionate and very capable teacher, very inspiring.   I didn’t expect the recipes to be so user-friendly. Really simple and delicious – perfect!  A really wonderful day”

participant at Vegetarian Cookery School, Bath

“More than met my expectations, very enlightening … Opened my eyes to a new world of colours and flavours and texture.  Very well explained, easy to understand and follow.  A wonderful life changing experience”

participant at Vegetarian Cookery School, Bath

“Another wonderful workshop! Well done!  It was very inspiring.  I’ve already made the sushi and it’s going down a treat with my family.”


“Was very inspired by the workshop and about to order a dehydrator.”


on Facebook: “Just got back from the Raw Food for Radiant Health workshop where we ate: an amazing green smoothie, made raw sushi, then a Thai green curry with vegetable noodles and a chocolate cake. A great workshop with lots of tips.”


“What a beautiful experience. So much more than what it says on the tin! Thank you.”

Hilary B

“Thanks Aradhana – it was a lovely day and very inspiring!”


Raw Chocolate workshop

“Many thanks for the wonderful Raw Choc workshop last night. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to making more. It was great to have the lovely mantras playing as well whilst we all salivated! I have already been on the phone to Tree Harvest to get their catalogue and been looking at Silkomart moulds. “


“Thank you so much for running the fab raw chocolate workshop in Bradford on Avon this February. I thoroughly enjoyed the information about the properties of the ingredients, recipes, presentation ideas and the enthusiastic and passionate manner in which Aradhana shared her knowledge with us. I’ve been making my own raw chocolate for over a year now and came along with a few questions … which were all answered during the workshop without any need to actually ask them! It was great that the whole group got involved with the process and I’m looking forward to experimenting with what I’ve learnt. I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone passionate about raw chocolate”

Claire, Chippenham

“I LOVED the chocolate blueberries we made on your course!!!”

Claire, Chippenham 

“The raw chocolate workshop was great fun and educational. I learned a lot about chocolate and how to make delicious healthy sweets with high powered ingredients. It was so simple and I was surprised at what you can add to the choclate. It tastes delicious and you feel good about eating it. The workshop gives you hands-on experience and you get to meet other people with similar interests.”


“It was a really lovely evening with lovely people and delicious chocs. All safely in the fridge for enjoying later – see how strong I am!! Thank you so much for your hospitality and sharing your skills and knowledge. I am inspired now xxx”


Raw Food Products from Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen 

“Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen’s flax and black olive crackers are sooo delicious!

They are without doubt the best raw crackers I have ever eaten and I’ve tried many of the UK varieties!”

Claire, Chippenham