Sacred Cuisine private catering

With Aradhana Kaur, Vegetarian and Raw food chef, teacher and raw chocolate alchemist

Sacred Cuisine from Aradhana Kaur of Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen

I offer Sacred Cuisine, a service of high-vibration vegetarian, vegan or raw food catering for special & sacred events.

This is pure food made with love & mantras.

“This chocolate is in the top 5 of high vibration foods I have eaten”  raw chocolatier and energy healer Gerald, May 2014

Special food for your special event

If you have a special event coming up – a wedding, a retreat, a dinner for 2 special celebration… please contact me to discuss nourishing yourselves with Sacred Cuisine.

I bring my passion for food to help others rediscover their love of food and introduce a new way to nourish themselves.

“Aradhana, the love and the kindness you put into your offerings is tasted, absorbed and is so, so appreciated.” Kalwant Gill

Backstage catering for musicians of sacred music:
Deva Premal & Miten in Bath, June 2014

backstage catering for Deva Premal & Miten at their concert in Bath, June 2014backstage catering for Deva Premal & Miten at their concert in Bath, June 2014







High vibration nourishment

Intention is a key ingredient and I listen to mantras as I prepare food. This quality is brought into my raw chocolate alchemy, creating chocolates with a specific quality of intention. This gift for creating high vibration nourishment makes my food perfect for what I call ‘Sacred Cuisine’.

A lifelong foodie and longstanding vegetarian, I describes myself as an intuitive chef. I offer a catering service for yoga retreats, holistic events and celebrations.

“I loved your chocolate, it made my heart glow. Your chocolate wasn’t just yummy to my tummy, it had a vibration that truly was felt in my heart. Special chocolate indeed, made by a very special lady xxx.” Britt Joynson, Raw food chef in Hong Kong

Backstage catering for musicians of sacred music:
Mirabai Ceiba in London, May 2014

Nourishing Mirabai Ceiba with raw chocolate backstage at their London concert, May 2014

nourishing Mirabai Ceiba with raw chocolate backstage in London, May 2014







“One of our main foods on tour is really good dark chocolate, so when we ate Aradhana’s love chocolate hearts, we realized that we want to take her on tour! Because her chocolate is really food for the soul. Thank you, and I so look forward to eating them again.” Gely, Mirabai Ceiba

What’s special about Raw Food?

I have been ‘mostly raw’ since 2009 and have been teaching and inspiring others on their raw food journey since 2010. I accepted the invitation into raw food as a spiritual doorway and haven’t looked back.

For me, it’s part of a healthy lifestyle that nurtures intuition and connection, and paves the way to a happy and healthy long life.

“This is the style of eating that best suits me but I’m not going to impose it on anyone.”

I will be happy to prepare a vegetarian, vegan or raw food menu for you and your guests.

Raw Food classes with Aradhana

I also teach raw food workshops and one-to-one classes from my kitchen and Demuth’s Cookery School. My knowledge, enthusiasm and joy for food are celebrated by students and diners alike.

I am also a teacher of Kundalini Yoga.

Please contact me to discuss Sacred Cuisine for your special event