Get to know your Dehydrator

Half day Raw Food Dehydrator workshop with lunch

Raw pizza, raw food dehydrator workshop with Aradhana KaurThis is a 2nd step raw food workshop once you’re familiar with the basics of raw food.  These skills will allow you to use ALL the recipes in your raw food books!

A dehydrator is a marvellous box that enables us to make crispy, crunchy raw food and to preserve fruit vegetables by slow drying below 118 degrees.

The process also enhances and concentrates flavours so it adds another dimension to your raw food repertoire.

This is the secret to raw pizza, crackers, kale chips and so much more.

In this half day workshop you will learn the skills and tips to prepare dishes in the dehydrator.  I also share my sought-after recipe for Mediterranean Flax Crackers.  

We complete the workshop with a delicious lunch.

N.B. If you don’t have a dehydrator then it is possible to use a fan oven as a stand-in.

See the Events Calendar for forthcoming dates of this workshop in Bradford on Avon, near Bath, or Nailsworth, near Stroud

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