Raw Food Potluck

Raw Food Potluck in London

Raw Food Potluck near Bath, December 2013, Aradhana, Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen

I’ve recently moved to London and once I’ve settled into my new home, I’m planning to host a regular Raw Food Potluck.

Come and meet other raw foodies at various stages on our journey from brand new to lightly seasoned to more experienced. Browse raw food recipe books, ask questions. Above all enjoy sharing a delicious raw meal and connect with like-minded people on the same journey.

Know that as a raw foodie you are not alone!  It’s very important, particularly at the start of your journey in raw food, to know that you’re not travelling alone. It’s possible to feel isolated by your choice of lifestyle – and the raw food potluck is the ideal way to connect with fellow travellers and feel normal, supported and inspired.

I’ve been involved in hosting a regular raw food potluck in the Bath area from February 2010 to late 2014. I was one of the founders of Positive Living Bath and we held a monthly potluck to build and support the local  Raw Food community in Bath.  

Aradhana with David Wolfe at the Bath Raw Food Potluck

For many months we hosted the potlucks at the Love Lounge behind The Bell Inn in Bath, until we had a couple of changes of venue in Bath. We were very excited to have David Wolfe come to a special raw potluck in Bath in October 2011.

Then I started hosting the potlucks from Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen in my home in Bradford on Avon, near Bath. That continued until late 2014 when I moved from the West Country to London. And now I’m wishing to set up the same here in town.

What’s a Raw Food Potluck?

Well, everyone is welcome and everyone brings a raw vegan dish to share. So it’s potluck who comes and the menu is potluck too. The great thing is it’s guaranteed to be a delicious feast!  

We all bring yummy food, we chat, we eat, we meet other local people interested in raw food, we make new friends, we build a community. It’s a real blessing – and you’re welcome to be part of it.

It’s a great way to get a flavour of raw food. If you’re new to raw then make a simple salad and come and get inspired by some of the dishes prepared by more seasoned raw foodies.  You will be amazed!

“I didn’t know you could make so many different things with raw food!”

said one new visitor in Sept 2013. She has been back to a second potluck and attended a raw food workshop here at Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen to learn more.

See the Events list  for the date of the next Raw Food Potluck in London.

Please let me know you’re coming so I can give you the address and make sure I have enough plates ready.  If there’s going to be a lot of guests I may ask you to bring your own plate and cutlery.

RSVP ~ contact me, Aradhana, or call 07989 416959.