Raw Chocolate

High vibration raw chocolate made with love & mantras

Raw Chocolate bar, front, from Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen

Discover a chocolate so special you won’t find it in the shops

  • Artisan raw chocolate
  • Hand made in small batches
  • Stone ground for silky smoothness
  • Made with love & mantras
  • Superfoods to enhance your mood
  • Dark chocolate, around 80% cacao, made with unroasted cacao
  • No processed sugar
  • Soy-free, gluten-free
  • Vegan

“It’s a cacao ceremony in a bar” – Andrew S, London

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Sacred Love


Three Gifts


Love Supreme


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The King


The Queen




Sacred Love, 83% cacao

Sacred Love raw chocolate bar

“I wanted to thank you so much for your precious golden chocolate. What a delicate and subtle gift you have!!!” Angelika Baumbach, USA, Sacred musician and singer in Mirabai Ceiba – describing Sacred Love chocolate (her song is part of the recipe ♡)

This chocolate is made with the very special ceremonial cacao from Guatemala, and Peruvian cacao, together with superfoods for the heart and intuition, and a mantra for healing the heart and inviting miracles. 

The bar is dusted with an edible gold finish.

£6.50 bar, 50g


Love Supreme, 81% cacao

Love Supreme raw chocolate bar (reverse of bar), from Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen

“So luxurious to taste the sweetness and heart in Aradhana’s
Love Supreme chocolate” Jamie Catto, musician, film maker, author, presenter

This is a gentle rose flavoured bar with superfoods and rose oil to open your heart. One woman said after tasting it, “I feel ready to be kissed!”

The bar is decorated with edible rose petals and berries.

£4 bar, 50g


Three Gifts, 81% cacao

Three Gifts raw chocolate bar (reverse of bar) from Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen

“… this chocolate is not to be mindlessly scoffed …” Sarah, UK

This chocolate is a gift to your upper chakras, while also being grounding. It contains gold, frankincense and myrrh as well as superfoods for clarity, to nourish the brain and feeling good. 

This bar is gently flavoured with ginger and wild orange, and decorated with edible gold stars.

£5 bar, 50g


The King of Chocolate, 82% cacao
The Queen of Chocolate, 83% cacao

King & Queen of Chocolate raw chocolate bars from Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen

A duo of high vibration raw chocolate bars for your pleasure. Created with aphrodisiac herbs specially selected for him and for her, and stirred with songs of love and passion. 

One recipe for King, another for Queen, to awaken your inner lover, your inner masculine, your inner feminine, unite with your inner soulmate. 

This chocolate opens the heart and throat chakras and brings you into the body, inviting you to express yourself from your heart.  What a delicious invitation ♡

Decorated with edible flower petals and edible gold hearts.

£4 bar, 50g

and “Blissful Beloveds” – a pair of aphrodisiac chocolate bars

Blissful Beloveds pair of raw chocolate bars

You choose your “Blissful Beloveds” ~ King & Queen, Queen & Queen, King & King.

£8 pair


Self Love Hearts, raw chocolate hearts 81% cacao

Self Love Hearts, raw chocolate hearts with superfoods, love and mantra

Self Love Hearts are smooth and rich and have been created with superfoods to uplift you, and the mantra:

“I am the Light of my Soul
I am beautiful
I am bountiful
I am bliss.”

You are ♥

£15 for a golden box of 12 foil-wrapped hearts, approx 120g

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I will send your parcel within 5 working days. I may need to prepare a new batch to fulfill your order – thank you for your patience. Please allow 1 – 2 days for delivery by Royal Mail 1st class.

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