Aradhana’s Raw Chocolate Club

Join Aradhana's Raw Chocolate Club

“It’s a cacao ceremony in a bar” Andrew S, London

This high vibration raw chocolate is only available online and from Aradhana in person at events.  

The easy way to get your hands on a regular supply of deliciousness, is to join Aradhana’s Raw Chocolate Club. You will enjoy these delicious treats:

  • a monthly delivery of 4 or more 50g high vibration raw chocolate bars (that’s a bar a week)
  • free P&P on your monthly delivery (UK)
  • taster samples of new flavours when I create them

Choose your pack starting from £16 per month. Have a look at the flavours!

Heart & Body    Experience Heart & Spirit Abundance

Here is a brief description of what each bar can offer you 

  • Three Gifts: excellent for your upper chakras and grounding
  • Love Supreme: amazing for heart opening and kissability
  • The King: specially designed to awaken your inner masculine
  • The Queen: crafted to bring your inner feminine alive

After signing up, you’ll receive your chosen package every month + tasters of delicious new flavours as soon I create them – for free!

Why join the Raw Chocolate Club?

♡ You will always have top quality raw chocolate on hand and won’t have to settle for lesser chocolates

♡ Consider this your regular ‘prescription’ of mood-enhancing chocolate. An act of self love

♡ Use this high vibration chocolate for your regular ceremonies or rituals e.g. Full Moon or New Moon

♡ You get to try out my new chocolate flavours and energies when I create them

♡ Just set up your order once and raw chocolate will arrive on your doorstep monthly – it’s easy to do, then simply enjoy the deliciousness when it arrives.

♡ Fits through your letterbox so you don’t have to wait in

♡ Free P&P on your regular delivery through the Raw Chocolate Club, saves you money and makes you happy

♡ Makes the perfect gift – up to a year of raw chocolate! So much more fun than a magazine subscriptidelicious raw chocolateon. 

♡ Free to join the Club, leave any time

♡ Sign up now by clicking the button above



Start Enjoying the benefits!

♡ Your regular raw chocolate delivery
♡ Free P&P in the UK
♡ Tasters of new chocolate flavours

For more information of the flavours and energies of each bar, please click here >>

AND if you would like to try one bar at a time, please click here >>