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Aradhana’s Mood Foods project

Emotional Eating – and finding a new way

Aradhana talking about chocolate, high vibration eating and Mood Foods on Wandsworth Radio, 2 Dec 2015Emotional eating is a big subject affecting many of us, and it is often shrouded in secrecy or shame. I have a lifetime’s experience of emotional eating.  Eating a mostly raw food diet has helped me to gain awareness of the unconscious behaviours that led me through a whole range of dress sizes with the peaks and troughs of relationships.

In the past couple of years I have made a project of emotional eating, which I call Mood Foods.  I have had many personal insights into my patterns, and have identified new, more honouring ways to move forwards, ways that are kinder to my body and soul.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to bring the subject into the light and share my insights at talks at VegFest and RawFest and on Wandsworth Radio. From the feedback I receive, I know that this resonates with many people.

Comfort Eating

Velvet Comfort Smoothie with raw food and superfoodsSo often we reach for food as a solution to a problem, to mask an emotional state we’re not enjoying. Essentially, food is used as an anaesthetic to numb our feelings.

Typically, comfort foods are heavy in sugar, fat or wheat, or a combination of all three. They appear to give an immediate ‘answer’ – but before long the blood sugar level crashes back down and we feel worse that when we started. Now we are dealing not just with the emotion, but also the after-effect of eating foods that probably don’t support our body.

My mission is to turn this pattern on its head.  Using raw food and superfoods, I have created Mood Foods recipes that offer comfort or the stimulus to shift out of an ‘undesirable’ emotional state, and transport you to a more positive place where you feel empowered.


Mood Foods recipes to nourish & uplift your moods

Here are 4 Mood Foods dishes that you may have heard me speak about or seen me demo: 

  • Velvet Comfort Smoothie
  • Grounding Brazil Nut Spread
  • Procrastination Mash
  • Moringa Zinger Smoothie

If you’re lucky, you may have already had a taster at one of  my talks.

Download the Mood Foods Recipes 

To download the recipes, simply click on the image to open the file, then then right click to download.

Mood Foods recipes by Aradhana Kaur


I’d love to hear your experience with the Mood Foods

Please try out the recipes and notice how they affect your emotional state.

I’d love to hear your feedback.  You can email me at


Where can I buy the superfoods? What if I don’t have them?

If you don’t have the superfoods, the recipes will still work.  I have combined the ingredients to give the desired energetic resonance to meet your mood and uplift you.

However, the Mood Food will have an even more more powerful effect on your body and mind if you do include the superfoods.

Here are some suppliers of the superfoods used in the Mood Foods recipes:

Aluna Gena
Revolution Foods
Raw Living (Kate Magic’s online shop)
Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury
Goji King


The Mood Foods project continues

I am continuing my research on this subject, through my own experience and that of others, and I am creating more mood-enhancing raw food recipes.

I would be interested to hear about your experience of emotional eating. If you would like to participate, please email me and I will send a questionnaire.  You can email me at