• Majestic Valentine’s Rituals gift sets

    The ultimate in luxury gifts – alchemical chocolate and bath potions for King & Queen

    In celebration of Valentine’s this year, I have teamed up with my dear friend and sensual alchemist Bayari, creator of Beauty by Bayari potions for bath, body and soul.

    Aradhana in 'Chocolate goddess' dress

    Bayari, sensual alchemist of Beauty By Bayari

    Queen Ritual gift set







     Bayari’s potions are devoted to nurturing and rejuvenation so that our inner beauty radiates, and I prepare my chocolate with intention, love and mantras. What a divine combination!

    We bring you two special Rituals Gift Sets – handmade, high vibration raw chocolate plus an alchemical bath potion of herbs, flowers, essential oils and 24 ct gold.

    We have each woven the archetypes of King and Queen into our creations, and we agreed it was high time they met – so we’ve paired

    • King Solomon bath potion with Enchanted Chocolate’s The King, and
    • The Queen of Sheba bath potion with The Queen raw chocolate bar

    Prepare to immerse yourself, a friend, or lover, in divine luxury, tantalizing all the senses
    What more could we ask for?


    The Queen Ritual Gift Set

    The Queen Ritual Gift Set

    The Queen of Sheba brought spice, sensuality, a touch of the exotic and much gold. This bath potion offers permission to bathe in utter luxury! With neroli, myhrr, bergamot, peony for prosperity & calendula for skin-softening, 24ct gold – plus mica for depth and shimmer.

    Matched with The Queen, a rich dark bar with subtle rose and specially chosen herbs in small quantities to awaken your feminine energy and raise it for expression through the heart. Contains maca, shatavari, rhodiola, damiana, mucuna and purple corn extract. Decorated with rose petals and edible gold hearts.

    You can have it all! – click here to order yours >>


    The King Ritual Gift Set

    The King Ritual Gift Set

    The King Solomon bath potion is for wisdom, remembrance and sensuality. With ceremonial white and purple sage to cleanse and increase wisdom, sage, myhrr, vetiver and frankincense. 24ct gold is added, too, of course.

    Matched with The King, a rich dark bar with aphrodisiac herbs in small quantities to awaken your masculine energy and raise it for expression through the heart. Contains ashwaganda, horny goatweed, Siberian ginseng, reishi, he shou wu and gotu kola. Decorated with edible purple mallow flowers from Iran and edible gold hearts.

    Embrace the King within – click here to order yours >>

    And if your heart is set on purely chocolate ~

    Raw Chocolate Love Hearts

    Love Hearts Gift Box

    May I propose a golden box of chocolate hearts? I have made hearts of my popular Love Supreme flavour/energy with rose and superfoods for heart opening and wrapped them in red foil.

    The mantra in this recipe is ‘The Song of Your Heart’ by Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater, with these words:

    “You are becoming the song of your heart
    How beautiful it is
    How beautiful it is…”

    A gift from your beautiful heart – click here to order yours >>


    Don’t just take our word for it

    Here are some testimonials from folk delighted with their raw chocolate and bath potions…

    “So luxurious to taste the sweetness and heart in Aradhana’s Love Supreme chocolate.”
    ~ Jamie Catto

    “Bayari’s potions look beautiful and smell divine, but there’s more to it than that – there’s some magic in the mix! I offered an exhausted and burned-out client a bathing ritual at a recent retreat, and after a half hour soak, she emerged looking totally different; she was visibly restored and rejuvenated – it was as if she’d shed ten years! And she said the next morning that she’d had the best night’s sleep she could remember. These really are little pots of pure alchemy!”
    ~ Lynn Jackson, experienced healer, shaman, coach and teacher of metaphysics

    “Your chocolate is divine. I’ve still got half the bar left, amazingly, but it feels really sacred so I’m not just scoffing it. It’s really divine and it can get you in the zone. Tomorrow we’re having a new moon ceremony so we’re going to have a little taste of your chocolate. We’ll enjoy you and your beautiful blessings and prayers you’ve put into it, and just your lovely energy.”
    ~ Debbie, Yoga teacher

    “This collection is the holy grail of salts!”
    ~ Anonymous gorgeous Goddess

    Wishing you luxury and nurturing in abundance

    Aradhana x




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