• Proper Food

    This is what food is all about for me.

    Today's breakfast, gooseberry smoothie bowl with sweet cinnamon and apple raw buckwheat flakes

    1. Made with love
    2. Served with beauty
    3. Tastes exquisite, and even better when shared

    My breakfast today was a truly personal journey with memories from all over time and place, and made by hands I know. So I know where (most of) it came from and the energy that has gone into it.

    This is nourishing food. Proper food. Real food.

    Today’s breakfast

    A tart gooseberry smoothie bowl topped with sweet cinnamon raw buckwheat flakes, pictured above.

    Picking redcurrants and gooseberries at a pick-your-own farm in DorsetMade with dessert gooseberries that I picked last week in Dorset, raspberries from the freezer, coconut yoghurt, raspberry kefir that I bottled this morning, vanilla extract and a dash of rose tincture I made last summer from Rose’s roses. Cinnamon and apple raw buckwheat breakfast flakes made a month or so ago from a recipe by Deborah Durrant.

    Served in one of my favourite breakfast bowls, made by Debbie Joy Ceramics in London, bought at a yoga festival in a Somerset field a few years ago, with a wooden spoon I brought back from Bali in March.

    And best of all, I made it myself.

    NB I also subscribe to the theory that food made by a loved one tastes even better. 

    This is sacred eating

    Not anonymous food out of a packet (aka ‘plastic food’), prepared by a maybe happy-probably vacant-maybe disgruntled worker in a factory far away and sold mindlessly in a supermarket lit too brightly.  

    [And yes I do shop in the too-bright supermarket too, as quickly as I can. There are some things I can’t make at home, and others I simply don’t have time or inclination to make. Convenience has a place and charges a price.]

    When we put our own energy and love into preparing food, it vibrates with that love. And then it nourishes us more. Opening a packet just doesn’t have the same sparkle.

    Eating well = Self Love

    Eating well as an act of self loveMy friend Emily, another chef, told me “I admire that no matter how busy your schedule is, you always make time to feed and nurture yourself with such delicious and healthy foods made with such love! That is absolute self love right there and it’s inspirational. I find as a preparer of foods it’s easy to slip into giving and putting love into other people’s food and neglecting oneself yet you remind me how important it is to give that love that you give to others, to yourself. Thank you.”

    I agree with Emily: nurturing ourselves is absolutely about self care and self love. Like they say in the aeroplane, put on your own oxygen mask first. It’s basic survival.  When I am nourished, then I I can nourish others because I have something to share, I’m not running on empty (or grumpy).

    For me, nourishment includes proper food as well as good sleep, alone time, connection time, and more.

    Self love is a journey and I begin it again and again.

    I haven’t mastered it yet. I often fall into the trap of feeding others but not myself, whether with food, time, or attention. And especially, like Emily, when I am working with food. There’s a part of me that says “it’s for them”. And the slave-driver voice says I must keep on working, “Just one more thing and then I’ll eat /rest, oh an just one more…”

    However, I made a new commitment to myself today, just for today, after a day of losing myself in other people’s lives via Facebook: to make sure I serve my own needs first. So I started the day with music, dance, yoga and meditation and then the delicious creation of this breakfast… and the nourishment from making it, beholding it, eating it… and sharing it with you.

    For the recipe for Gooseberry Smoothie, click here >>

    Now, what’s for lunch?


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