• Aradhana on the Radio speaking about chocolate, high vibration eating and Mood Foods

    I was delighted to be invited as Nicolette Wilson’s guest on her Healthy Wandsworth show on Wandsworth Radio this week.

    Aradhana Kaur is a guest on Nicolette Wilson's Healthy Wandsworth show on Wandsworth Radio

    You can listen to the show from 2 Dec 2015 here in Nicolette’s website www.nicolettewilson.com/videosandaudio/

    It was a real pleasure to meet Nicolette who is a yoga and pilates teacher, nutritionist and coach who specialises in empowering women. 

    We had much in common and over the course of the hour-long show we had a great conversation that covered raw chocolate, mantras, high vibration eating and food preparation, my Mood Foods project on emotional eating, and chickpeas.  I shared a few of my Mood Foods recipes which you can find here.  

    I learned from Nicolette that the soak water from a tin of chick peas is called ‘aquafaba‘ – this is what I’ve been seeing on Instagram used to create vegan meringues, to my amazement.  You (& I) may want to check out ’13 amazing things you can make with aquafaba’ here on the vegan society website >>

    Sacred Love Chocolate by Aradhana Kaur of Beautiful Heart Raw KitchenI took in some heart-shaped tasters of my Sacred Love Chocolate so the studio was filled with the delicious aroma. Nicolette doesn’t usually eat chocolate during the week but she broke her rule to try out my taster, after realising that unlike ‘normal chocolate’ it had no sugar, and instead came with a whole host of benefits. When the word ‘chocolate’ was mentioned on air, another presenter shot into the room, his eyes wide, looking for a taste. Ah the power of chocolate!

    This is the song I would have loved to share on the show. It is ‘Templo del Corazon’ (temple of the heart) by Mirabai Ceiba, and it is part of my recipe for Sacred Love Chocolate.

    Nicolette hosts ‘Healthy Wandsworth’ every Wednesday from 10 – 11am, speaking to a different guest each week with a focus on health.  You can listen to previous shows on this link www.nicolettewilson.com/videosandaudio/

    After the interview I thought of loads more things I wanted to say but an hour flies by and there simply wasn’t time. I hope to share my thoughts with you in future blog posts.  Please visit again!

    For now, here is a snippet of the quotation that has so inspired me and that I shared at the end of the interview:

    “As we let our own light shine,
    we unconsciously give others permission to do the same”
    Marianne Williamson A Return to Love

    Once again, the link to listen again to the show is www.nicolettewilson.com/videosandaudio/ – look out for my name on 2 Dec 2015.

    See you soon

    Aradhana x


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