• Raw Coconut Bacon & the BLT


    Raw vegan coconut bacon? It prompts some questions…

    Has the world gone mad?
    Isn’t that as far as you can get from actual bacon?
    And why are you trying to copy meat dishes?

    Raw coconut bacon

    One of my non-vegetarian friends would scoff at the absurdity. And he would probably wolf it down happily too.

    But the most important questions of all are: Where can I get some? How do I make it? (patience, the recipe is below).

    First off, this is a delicacy to be reckoned with. A super crisp experience between the teeth, exploding with sweet and spicy flavours on the tongue. As a raw foodie and long standing vegetarian, true crispiness is the thing I’ve missed the most in the evolution of my diet. The dehydrator presents the answer in the raw food world.

    Plant Food by Matthew Kenney, Meredith Baird and Scott Winegard, raw vegan recipesBut bacon…? Clearly it’s not bacon, it’s been nowhere near a piggy. Thankfully. It is most definitely plant food. Nor is it smoked. Well, mine isn’t, but the recipe I’ve been using from Matthew Kenney, Meredith Baird and Scott Winegard’s book ‘Plant Food’ does instruct the use of a smoking gun. That always brings a comic picture to my mind. No, there’s no murder of anyone or anything involved in the preparation of this recipe.

    The Smoking Gun is a technical piece of kitchen gadgetry that is yet to be added to my armoury. It involves a battery-powered hand held element with a tube (the gun),  wood chips (to create the flavour) and a glass cloche or other chamber (to bathe the food in aromatic smoke).

    Preparing Coconut ‘Bacon’

    So how do we go about creating this dish?

    The ‘meat’ is coconut flesh that is marinated low and slow during dehydration in a seductive blend of cumin, chipotle chilli, smoked paprika, tamari and maple syrup to give that perfect salty sweet tang.

    ‘Plant Food’ gives two slightly different recipes for Coconut Bacon: I picked the second one. I used dried coconut chips/flakes and discovered that I needed to adjust the proportions of water and coconut from the original recipe (which uses shredded fresh coconut). I have given my version here as fresh coconut flesh is harder to find here in UK, and have added my notes in the method section.

    Coconut Bacon Recipe

    by Matthew Kenney, Meredith Baird and Scott Winegard
    Recipe reproduced with kind permission from the Matthew Kenney team

    4 cups dried coconut chips/flakes
    1 tsp chipotle chile powder
    1/4 cup ground cumin
    1 tbs smoked paprika
    1 tsp salt
    1/2 cup filtered water
    1/2 cup maple syrup
    1 tbs olive oil
    1 tbs tamari
    1 tbs apple cider vinegar

    Blend the spices, water, maple syrup, oil, tamari, vinegar and salt in a blender until smooth.
    Pour over the coconut flakes in a bowl. You will notice a small pool of excess liquid at the bottom, this is ok. 
    NB If you leave it to marinate for 30 mins the extra liquid will be absorbed.


    Spread the coconut evenly on a dehydrator sheet with non-stick sheet, and pour the extra liquid over the coconut.

    Dehydrate at 115 degrees for 8-10 hours, or until crispy throughout.  It helps if you break up the layer into pieces after a few hours, and flip it over and remove the non-stick sheet once it’s dry enough.  When the recommended drying time has elapsed you will notice that the ‘bacon’ is not crispy-crispy but as it cools it will go super crispy.


    If you have a smoking gun, smoke the bacon using apple wood. Place the bacon in a bowl, cover it with a lid or plastic  wrap, and leave the smoking tube inside the bowl. Let the smoke set covered in bowl for about 10 minutes.

    Store in an airtight container. (Try not to eat it all before it goes in the jar).

    The beautiful ‘Plant Food’ recipe book

    I encourage you to check out ‘Plant Food’ book which is an absolute feast for the eyes.. and then you make the dishes, aah….
    You can find it here on Amazon or Hive.

    * Have you heard about Hive? It’s a fairer way to buy your books online as they support your high street bookshop by sharing a percentage of the sale with your nominated favourite or local bookshop. They even deliver to your local independent bookshop for you to collect your order there.

    The raw BLT

    raw BLT with raw vegan coconut bacon

    Now that you have your stash of coconut ‘bacon’ (and it won’t last long! it’s very moreish), you have a great snack food to munch when you’re out and about, or stuck at your desk. Or a satisfying topper for a salad.

    You also have a key ingredient for a raw BLT sandwich. Bring on the raw bread or crackers, something creamy, sliced tomato and crunchy lettuce and hey presto! Lunch, tea, picnic, takeaway… it’s very transportable.

    I have the guys as Raw Imagination to thank for this genius idea.  Imagine how excited I was when I moved to London and visited my soon-to-be local health food shop – the vast As Nature Intended in Balham – and in the lunch fridge found raw foods from 5 or 6 producers! Yes, the raw BLT from Raw Imagination was my lunch that day and I have to say it changed my whole perspective on moving to the Big Smoke.

    Find your local supplier of Raw Imagination raw sandwiches here —>>

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