• Raw Food & Sunshine from Bali


    I have the utmost pleasure to be writing from Bali today where I am resting after moving home to London.  I’m sharing the sunshine with you (but I’m keeping all the mozzies). We’ve set up our office at home and are loving the view of the coconut palms and paddy fields.

    Beautiful Bali

    Vibrant Raw Food scene in Bali

    Raw food is a vibrant scene here.  Before I left the UK I googled ‘raw food in Bali’ and was very excited to find a list of around 20 places to eat in the main town of Ubud. Since arriving earlier this week I’ve already tried out 2 of them, sampling raw tacos and lasagne, garden salad and raw spring rolls. Meals are usually served on a banana leaf.

    Raw food in Bali

    Seasonal and local delights

    I always love to visit the local market and supermarket when I’m abroad. What I particularly love is being able to buy fresh tropical fruit that has ripened on the tree and is full of sunshine and flavour. Both mango and avocado are in season, and the durians are almost ready. I’ve also been tasting beautiful deep pink dragon fruit, rambutan (similar to lychee), snake fruit (with a scaly skin, a ‘mixed tropical fruit mix’ flavour, and a texture in between sweet chestnut and apple), mangosteen, and more.  Happy yummy!

    Fresh fruit in season in Bali

    Raw Cacao in Bali

    And of course, cacao grows here too! I shall be visiting Big Tree Farms who produce the delicious Tru Ra brand of cacao nibs and cold-pressed butter and powder.  I’ve already had a go at making raw chocolate – which started melting the minute it came out of the freezer! – and I’m looking forward to teaching a Raw Chocolate workshop in London in March when I return.

    Raw Chocolate in Bali

    Foodie photos

    There’s an album of my food snaps from Bali here on Facebook –>>  
    You can see a growing collection of my foodie photos on my Facebook page for Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen – click here –>>


    I’ll be back again soon with more on the raw food eateries of Ubud.

    With love and sunshine

    Aradhana x

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