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    Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen goes on safari

    Raw Camp Kitchen, Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen, Aradhana Kaur, Alison BowkerI’m heading off to Santosa Yoga Festival later this week and just getting my head round what I need to prepare for my food for the long weekend. I’m planning to make a batch of crackers, kale chips, sunburgers and raw tahini to liven up the salads.  Plus the usual stash of nuts, seeds and dried fruit alongside the fresh fruit and veggies.

    There’s no electricity on site so no fridge, which is not unusual for camping, and obviously no juicer or blender either. This is a perfect opportunity to simplify life and go on a fast, or stick to simple hand-sliced salads. But if I still want to eat something approaching my normal raw diet, what are the camping alternatives?


    No fridge means no raw chocolate after the first day, at least not my home-made speciality as it tastes best when it’s been stored at a cool temperature.  For my sweet treat I think I’ll make Maca Balls instead, a delicious recipe from Kate Magic’s ‘Raw Living‘ book.  It’s a simple blend of raw tahini, maca, carob and agave rolled into balls – then try not to eat them all at once!

    No fridge means the greens won’t last quite so well.  Last year while on a long camp I had the idea of planting up lettuces in boxes so we could take living plants that don’t need the fridge.  I know Waitrose and Sainsburys have caught onto this idea already so that’s a quick solution as I haven’t been organised on the lettuce front yet this year.  The alternative is to relocate some lettuces from the allotment and take them on safari into deepest Gloucestershire….

    But wait, there are camping solutions for the fridge.  The simplest is a bucket of cold water with a lid.  Or a more elaborate dry camp fridge that works using the principle of latent evaporation.  You place a container (e.g. a tin) on blocks or stones in a tray of water, then drape a wet towel over the top with the edges in the tray of water.  I haven’t tried this one yet but saw it in action at camp last year.  Or there’s the Pot-in-Pot Refrigerator from Africa that uses two clay or terracotta pots, one inside the other, with a layer of wet sand in between and a damp cloth on the mouth of the pot.


    No electricity means no juicer, so instead we have a hand powered juicer.  With its clamp it can be attached to a firm surface, e.g. the floor of the van or a chopping board, and then hey presto, we can still have our morning green juice. Perfect for the early morning yoga sessions.


    No blender either…  Now I’ve found a solution for this in my local kitchen shop.  It’s a hand-powered blender/food processor that uses a pull cord to provide the power for the blade to turn.  Or there’s the old fashioned meat mincer for mincing vegetables.  And there’s always the traditional knife and chopping board too.

    Or we can take some inspiration from the Amish who live without electricity all the time.  There’s a hand-cranked blender for making smoothies and the like: ideal for camping.

    Also the fabulous spiralizer that’s hand-powered anyway – and so much fun! So we’ll be having spaghetti on the menu alongside the salads.

    Bring on the Raw Camp Kitchen!

    And the sunshine!


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