Sunshine on a plate at a Raw Food potluckI am passionate about the joy, taste and health benefits of Raw Food. I would like to share them with you.

Aradhana was dubbed “The Raw Food Maestro” by Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, April 2013, after the editor, Martin Clark, attended an Introduction to Raw Food workshop at the Vegetarian Cookery School in January 2013.

I discovered the raw food way in August 2009 and my body and soul said “Yes!”.  I love sharing my inspiration with others.

This site is for you whether you are completely new to the concept of raw food, or if you are an ‘old hand’ and would like to share your experience by commenting on the blog.

  • I am sharing my raw food journey with you on the blog.  Please feel free to add your comment to the posts.
  • I offer workshops in raw food preparation and raw chocolate
  • I also sell some of the products of my Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen, including delicious crackers and chocolates. Please contact me for more information and availability.

Aradhana teaching a raw food workshop, Beautiful Heart Raw KitchenI an intuitive chef, chiefly drawing my inspiration from inside myself, from a sense of which flavours, colours and textures naturally complement each other to create a delicious and vibrant dish that is as much a joy to the eyes as to the tongue and stomach.   Of course, I use published recipes too.  I have plans to add my own contribution to the printed word available.

For me, food is my sadhana, my spiritual practice.  As I prepare raw dishes in my kitchen I listen to mantras that bring me back to my heart centre and raise the vibration of the food.  


Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen raw food workshops, Bath, Bradford on Avon, StroudI share with you one of my favourite quotations, this one from textile artist Kaffe Fassett:

“Working with my hands brings sanity and bliss”

and this is what raw food preparation, or “un-cooking” as I prefer to call it, is for me. Sanity, beauty, creativity, a complete feast for eyes, heart, belly and soul.

Bon apetit, to your good health and your bliss!