• Sacred Love Chocolate – a raw chocolate experience

    Part of my vocation is creating Raw Chocolate Alchemy

    Sacred Love Chocolate raw chocolate from Aradhana Kaur of Beautiful Heart Raw Ktichen

    I have recently created Sacred Love Chocolate

    After being introduced to a ceremonial grade-unroasted cacao from Guatemala, I knew this special cacao deserved a special creation. Before the beans are stone ground, they are hand-peeled by the family members of an indigenous shaman. Any bad or mouldy beans are discarded.

    The resulting cacao paste has an undeniable softness of aroma and flavour and a beautiful vibration. It is used in cacao ceremonies in Guatemala and around the world. And it makes rather special chocolate bars.



    Raw Chocolate alchemy

    I work intuitively when I’m preparing a raw chocolate. I will sense into the person who will receive the chocolate and the occasion, selecting which cacao, flavours and superfoods to blend together to create an individual recipe that brings the best energy to that moment.  

    I am aiming to create a journey, a flow of energy in the body that will be subtly perceived when the chocolate is eaten consciously.

    “It’s beautiful. I don’t want to stand up to eat it” Jane, energy healer tasting Sacred Love Chocolate at the Medicine Music Festival in May 2014.

    Stirring Raw Chocolate in New York for a wedding gift

    As with all my food prep, I set my own energy intention to heart and I listen to mantras, so these vibrations are contained in the raw chocolate.  As my business card says, it’s “raw food made with love and mantras.”  Food is my sadhana, my spiritual practice.

    When I’m tasting the chocolate as I work, I’m silent and present to the experience. As well as checking the flavours and the level of sweetness, I tune into the sensations in my body and aura and trace the path of the chocolate energy.  It’s a meditation on chocolate. 

    Sacred Mantras of love

    The mantra infused in Sacred Love Chocolate is ‘Templo del Corazon’ by Mirabai Ceiba. It’s on their new live album and you can listen to it here:


    The words are:

    En el templo sagrado de mi corazon     /     In the sacred temple of my heart
    Enciendo la luz del amor que cura     /        I turn on the light of healing love

    The mantra continues with a chant to Guru Ram Das, the 4th Sikh Guru, who is associated with bringing miracles.

    The Sacred Love Chocolate experience of an energy healer

    Raw Chocolatier and energy healer Gerald of J’s Organics tasted Sacred Love Chocolate at Bristol Vegfest yesterday. I scribbled down notes as he described the journey of the energy around his body through his chakras: 

    Sacred Love Chocolate by Aradhana Kaur of Beautiful Heart Raw Kitchen

    “It started at the back of my sacral chakra then my heart. Then it started to link various meridians together and open up the body, a sense of expansion. Spinning energy in the chakras. Clarity in my third eye, expansion. My crown opening, a buzz, a sense of aliveness. My base opening, my feet are quite alive. A sense of vertical energy up and down from the centre of the body. 

    “The energy is like a gentle caress. A reminder of life, of who you are, of community. I sense a community of spirits. There’s a sense of longing, like paradise lost – ‘hey, we’re here, come and play with us.’ “

    As you can imagine, I was delighted to hear these words as that’s precisely my intention when I’m preparing the raw chocolate. When I handed him a bar he said he could feel the vibration already. Gerald’s reading of energy is far more in-depth than mine, but regardless of whether you’re aware of the subtleties or not, you can be sure the energy is there, the Sacred Love magic is happening.  

    Where can I buy Sacred Love Chocolate?

    Today at Bristol VegFest you will find Sacred Love Chocolate at the Demuth’s Cookery School & Green Rocket Cafe stand. 

    And you will find me doing a raw food demo at Bristol Vegfest today. A ‘Raw Mexican Fiesta’ is in the Cookery Demo marquee at 4pm.

    After that, I will be selling the chocolate at my workshops and events, and also by post (while the weather is cool).  It’s £3.50 for a 48g bar, plus P&P.

    Please contact me if you’re interested in getting your hands on a bar!

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  1. Trinity says:

    This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. It’s really inspiring and fascinating to know more about this.
    After trying a small sample of your chocolate (and I am really sensitive to energy and food) all I can say is ‘absolutely divine’.

    • aradhanakaur says:

      Thank you for your comment and affirmation of Sacred Love Chocolate, Trinity. It’s great to meet someone working on the same vibe with food. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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